Friday, July 1, 2011

lr update

Our living room has been slowly evolving over the last 12 months since we moved in.
Here's the progression & latest addition:

Starting out

Addition of tulip chairs, pillows, and coffee table.

New rug, yellow tray, and pillow change.

And the latest, a curtain change to Curtainworks Othello Modern Geometric Curtains! Great quality & the price can't be beat (all 4 panels for under $100).
Although I loved the Ikea Merete Curtains we used to have, they didn't warm up the room & it always felt like something was missing.
But, not anymore!


Deanne said...

I like the change of curtains and the pop of color with the pillows. You've definitely warmed up the space from the monotone pallet you started with. said...

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