Monday, June 21, 2010


Loving the new Mike Miller collection at West Elm!

Animal Cutouts Pillow Cover
Um, hello? I kinda have to have this, right?!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

little bee

I received Little Bee as a birthday gift and I immediately loved the cover, of course. After reading the first few pages, the writing and story captivated me as well. Little Bee is the story of two very different women and how their lives collide in a most unexpected way.

"I remember the exact day when England became me, when its contours cleaved to the curves of my own body, when its inclinations became my own. As a girl, on a bike ride through the Surrey lanes, pedaling in my cotton dress through the hot fields blushing with poppies, freewheeling down a sudden dip into a cool wooded sanctum where a stream ran beneath the flint-and-brick bridge. Coming to a stop, the brakes squealing from the work of plucking one still moment out of time. Throwing my bicycle down into a pungent cushion of cow parsley and wild mint, and sliding down the plunging bank into the clear cold water, my sandals kicking up a quick brown bloom of mud from the streambed, the minnows darting away into the black pool of shade beneath the bridge. Pressing my face into the water, with time utterly suspended, drinking in the cool shock. And then, looking up and seeing a fox. He was sunning himself on the far bank, watching me through a feathery screen of barley. I looked back at him, and his amber eyes held mine. The moment, the country: I realized it was me. I found a soft patch of wild grass and cornflower by the side of the barley field, and I lay down with my face close to the damp earthen smell of the grass roots, listening to the buzzing of the summer flies. I cried, but I didn't know why."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010