Thursday, February 28, 2008

to grandmother's house i go...

I'm off to Arkansas this afternoon for a long weekend with
grandma :-)
I decided not to wear my bikini to the airport this time.
Bon voyage!

dark inspiration

I can't seem to shake the image of this hearty red coat by Comme des Garcons.
There's something about goth/darkness that always inspires.

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld
Vogue Germany, October 2007

Japan's Gothic Lolita (Goth Loli)
by Ivy Izzard

pfw update: givenchy gold

Loving Givenchy's layers & layers of gold chains on the runway for Fall.

image credit: style

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

judging a book by its cover

The cover & title alone were enough to make me want to read this book.
Blazac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Saijie is a beautifully written tale of two friends who are exiled to the Chinese countryside for "re-education" during Mao's Cultural Revolution. It's charmingly funny and tells of the boys' adventures and the people they meet; including Four Eyes, a boy with a secret stash of Western novels, and the Little Seamstress, for which neither one of the boys will ever forget. There's even a dash of fashion in the story with the role of the Little Seamstress, which is quite delightful. A tale of friendship, love, and the power of storytelling.
Historical fiction at its sweetest.

crate & barrel goes green

Imagine my excitement when I read about Crate & Barrel's new environmental initiative!
They have been working hard to develop new products, manufacturing processes and programs to expand their catalog of green products.
  • Eco-friendly upholstery - The majority of the upholstered sofa and chair frames are certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or other conservation organizations. The petroleum-based foam cushions are being replaced with soy and corn-based foam and fiber cushions.
  • Eco-friendly outdoor wood collections - The woods used in the outdoor furniture are certified sustainable.
  • Furniture and housewares in collaboration with the TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) - The hardwoods are sourced from plantations that are responsibly and socially managed for their long-term conservation. Some teak and mahogany collections are TFT-supported through the entire production process (harvest to final production).
  • Green kitchen, bed, and bath - Using sustainable bamboo, renewable acacia wood, recycled materials, 100% certified organic cotton (free of artificial dyes), and natural plant fibers.

Crate & Barrel helps make eco-friendly goods with great design more accesible and affordable. Hooray!

I especially love the Seguro media console (1st image, right) made of reclaimed Peroba wood with refined mahogany. Probably even more amazing in person.

image credit: crate&barrel

pfw update - junya watanabe + comme des garcons

Junya Watanabe, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Junya Watanabe, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Junya Watanabe, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Junya Watanabe, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Junya Watanabe's collection offered a buffet of beautifully wrapped jersey fabrics in greys, blues, and blacks with a short appearance from a floral print. Besides feeling bad for the models having to have their lovely faces wrapped in gauzy fabric (not the easiest way to strut down the runway), the head/face wraps added an interesting architectural element and allowed for the focus to be completely on the clothes. The coats were the highlight for me with crisp lines and a sleeve that lended itself to a cape-like appearance. Structural divinity.

Comme des Gargons, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Comme des Garcons, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Comme des Garcons, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Comme des Garcons, Paris Fashion Week - rtw fall 2008

Rei Kawakubo did it again for me this season. The collection was a bit trashy, but an artistic and capitvating take on bad taste, as are most things Comme des Garcons (artistic and captivating, that is). Desconstructed ruffles, petticoats, jackets, and pretty dresses. And, more braids! I adore the hearty red coat in the first photo, so Corpse Bride.

Tres bien!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pfw update - sensory overload

A joyful feast for my eyes!
Vivienne Westwood enlisted 8-year-old school children in a unique collaboration for her Fall 2008 collection & asked them to envision designing for jungle-dwelling eco-warriors. The child-like inspiration came across as the obvious theme in the show with a focus on all things wild and pretty. And what a fabulous collection it is. A successful pairing with playful fabrics & prints, billowing dresses, capes, ponchos, faux fur, knee-high socks, braids (oh, the braids), butterflies, snakes, and, most importantly, the stilts (fab).
The collection combines eco-warrior with wearable & extremely cool.
I feel the need to put on my skivvies, find a rope swing & throw myself into a river (?).

image credits:

paris fashion week update - yamamoto fix

The photos from the Yohji Yamamoto show are finally here!
The Fall 2008 collection offered another coveted look into the mind of the artistic genius who has been in the business of transforming fashion since the 1980's. Always avant-garde, his latest collection offered the usual fashion inspiration by way of new ideas, interesting form, and dimensional fabrics.
I loved the look of the rolled waists, even though they are realistically unflattering. Not wearable for the average woman, but Yohji's woman is anything but average. The collection featured his signature black along side a few pops of color and volume along side fitted form. The show ended with a 5-model walk to debut his leather portfolio bags, a collaboration with Hermes.
A fix for the fashion junkie.

image credit:

Monday, February 25, 2008

my hometown

I'm off to the beautiful state of Arkansas later this week to visit mi abuelita.
In thinking about my place of birth, The Natural State, I recently discovered this photo of 60's rock 'n' roll band, Black Oak Arkansas & had to share it. The band was originally called Knowbody Else, until they moved to L.A. and changed their name to Black Oak Arkansas, after their hometown. Described as "pure southern-fried rock", the lead singer Jim 'Dandy' (not Jim Bob?) Mangrum's voice was known for its raw sexual energy.
I'm having visions of spandex-infused performances by hillbilly hippies. How about you?

Arkansas = The Rock 'n' Roll State

dreaming of japan from paris

Yohji Yamamoto, Spring 2008 rtw

Comme des Garcons, Spring 2008 rtw

Junya Watanabe, Spring 2008 rtw

Paris Fashion Week is here & I am anxiously awaiting the Fall 2008 rtw collections from my favorite avant-garde Japanese designers; Yojhi Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons (Rei Kawakubo), and Junya Watanabe.

I want to acheive anti-fashion through fashion; that's why I am always heading in my own direction, in parallel to fashion. Because if you're not waking up what is asleep, you may as well stay on the beaten path - Yohji Yamamoto, Harper's Bazaar

image credit:

à paris

A.F. Vandevorst's Fall 2008 collection was so pretty on the Paris runway. Soft drapey fabrics in lovely oranges, blues, blacks, and greys. Structured capes, long cardigans, quilting, and cotton leggings w/ stripes were the highlights.
Tres bien!
image credit: style

amour rouge

Loving this shot from Cafe-Mode. The red!
The matchy-matchyness of her red glasses, coat and bag totally works for me and I'm not usually a matchy girl.
Rouge + crazy hair = fantastic!
image credit: cafe-mode

Sunday, February 24, 2008

hooray for once!!

I was so happy to see "Once" win the Oscar for best musical score tonight. Without question, one of my favorite films of all time. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are so adorable, true musicians & beyond deserving of this honor. And what a wonderful moment when they won.
A funny, touching, and brilliant film & soundtrack.
Make art! - Glen Hansard

i heart amy kathryn

Amy Kathryn's new spring line is here & it's delectable!
This line of handbags, by designer Amy Hall, is lust-worthy for so many reasons:
1. Unique design & fabrics
2. Eco-friendly & cruelty-free (100% vegan)
3. Great shapes & beautifully made
One of my favorite posessions is my Amy Kathryn gold clutch.

image credit: amy kathryn

candy apple red delights

While perusing Humanitaire last night (my favorite vegan store), I laid my eyes upon these yummy pups by Vegetarian Shoes and fell in lust. They are the most delicious color of candy apple red & as soft as bubble gum. I seriously considered taking a bite out of them right there in the store, they are that scrumptious.
And how cute they will look peeking out from underneath my wide leg jeans (that I recently had hemmed for flats).
A must have!

image credit: humanitaire

Friday, February 22, 2008

starting the weekend off right

At Roberto Cavalli

Again, it's the glasses that solidify this one for me. Not to mention the elbow gloves, the belted jacket, the hint of plaid shirt cuffs, the boots, the scarf, it's all pure fabulousness.

More endless love for The Sartorialist.

image credit: the sartorialist

a win for the wolves? i don't think so.

Isn't he breathtaking?
I have an on-going love affair with all animals (and this love runs deep), but there's something extra special about the wolf. So magnificent, distinguished, and sophisticated. Yet, there is a sadness in their eyes, which I attribute to the species' long and harrowing struggle for survival.

In my update from The Daily Green today, I read about a new obstacle that is facing the gray wolf - Gray Wolves No Longer Endangered*
*At Least Not According to the Law
by Dan Shapley.
Looking into the matter further, I found this press release on Defenders of Wildlife.

Here's my synopsis on the issue...

Years ago, the hideously despicable & disgusting practice of hunting (can you tell that I hate it?) nearly eradicated the gray wolf population in the U.S. Eventually, the government stepped in with protection measures in an attempt to avoid the complete extinction of the species. Tireless & steadfast conservation efforts that followed can be credited with the presence of the wolf in our world today. Protection under the Endangered Species Act has given the canis lupus a chance at survival. The gray wolf population in the U.S. is currently 1,500 with at least 100 breeding pairs living in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Due to the success of population growth and sustainability, the northern Rockies gray wolf was removed from the national list of endangered species (signed yesterday by a-hole Pres. Bush). Although this may sound like a success story, some conservation groups are calling it premature & a cause for great concern. In fact, the Sierra Club has plans to sue the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and other conservation groups to obtain a reversal on the decision. They fear that the lack of genetic diversity in the wild wolf population is not strong enough to survive a new disease outbreak or other threats without the protection of the ESA.

Also, according to Defenders of Wildlife, this leaves the gray wolf vulnerable to the state management plans developed by Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, which calls for drastic reductions in wolf populations in the region. This could allow eradication of up to 70% of the population, which would again polarize the issue of wolf killing with the residents of these states & debar the possibility of the northern Rockies wolves to interconnect with larger populations in Canada or the possibility of new populations in other states.

The success of the wolf comeback is a great one thus far, in that they have grown in population and are planting their roots of continued presence on the earth. But, the removal of the government protections that allowed the wolves to flourish in the first place is a cause for great concern. Will it cause the species to falter in their continued struggle for survival?

Donate to the cause of the wolf here:
Defenders of Wildlife
Sierra Club

image credit: national geographic

a new source

My day job (besides blogging) is in the interior design industry and we recently ordered from The Rug Company for an upcoming project. I was amazed to see their beautiful catalog & website with highly stylized roomsets & inspiration pages. The layouts offer great design/architectural ideas in addition to showcasing their fabulous rugs & wall hangings in a unique way. My favorites are pictured above.

My feet would be so happy walking around on one of The Rug Company's rugs & so would my heart.

image credits: the rug company

happy friday, sleepy head

My cat, Missy Foo, didn't want to get out of bed this morning & neither did I. It's rainy & gloomy, but at least it's Friday.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

flickr find - face it.

Title: Ode to a Distorted World

Title: Vintage Ladies

Title: "Those Days Are Really Hot"

Title: Oh Mon Amour!

I recently discovered Gabriela Camerotti's (Face it.) photos on flickr and they are magical.
View her gallery here.
Beautiful imagery, superb lighting, and a twist of darkness.

image credits: Gabriella Camerotti

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

update: tae bo nemesis

As a follow-up to my previous post (here) about my arch nemesis who tortures me in my Wednesday night tae bo class, I am pleased to report that she been a no-show for the last 3 weeks! What a relief it has been to stand in my usual inconspicuous spot in the back of the class without having my personal space invaded by my mortal enemy. It's paradise! I never knew life could be this good.
I can't help but wonder why she's gone though. The only explanation I can think of is that she read my blog (although I didn't consider this possibility when I wrote it). Yes, yes of course she did. Nemesis girl read my blog and is too embarrassed to show her face again in class (and really scared that I will punch her like boxing champ Kim Duk-ku above, because I'm that good), so she stays home, gets fat & has permanent orange cheeto fingers.
The end (I hope).

image credit: here

singing at the top of my lungs (alone in my car)

.....And when you speak the words you know to those who know the words themselves, you're wasted....

Feeling Brandi Carlile's newest album, The Story.

kimono shoes!

Aren't they amazing?
Saw these Hetty Rose lovlies featured on All the Best (a great style blog) and can't stop dreaming about them. These beautiful chaussares are specially handcrafted from vintage fabrics & materials, primarily Japanese kimonos - "relics of a disappearing world, saturated in significance and hidden meanings".
Pretty please?
image credits: hetty rose