Monday, March 31, 2008

go green. stay stylish.

Green With Glamour is fabulous!
Offering a great selection of all things stylish and green; clothing, home decor, gift ideas, and even a personal shopping service.
GWG is run by two eco-conscious, design-loving women who offer their respective "must haves" and "hit list" on the site, which gives a personal feel to the collection.
Here are a few of the treasures I fell in love with while perusing...

Natural Anne Top by Sublet Clothing
Organic cotton & bamboo
I adore this precious little top!

Princess Dress by Beau Soleil
100% certified organic cotton
The shoes are spectacular also!
Does this look like the model from ANTM a couple of seasons ago to anyone?

Fantastic Bubinga Shades by Iwood Ecodesign
Eco-sustainable exotic wood veneer
I totally want a pair!

Shower Invitations by Binth
100% recycled card stock with hand-mixed water-based inks
Screen printed
Great for a eco-chic wedding or baby shower!

Baby Ply Single Feeder by Holden Designs
Perfect for a modern pooch who insists on dining in style!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

new feature......I HEART ART

Who is your favorite artist?
Seams of Thought is launching a new weekly feature called,
I Heart Art!
A new artist will be featured every week, chosen by Seams of Thought readers.
My hope for this new feature is to learn about what inspires all of you and to spotlight a wide range of artists, from painters, sculptors, photographers, etc.

If you would like to participate (and I hope you do), please e-mail me with the following information:
1. Name of 1-3 of your favorite artists
2. 1-2 of your favorite works from each artist, be sure to include photos
3. Reason(s) why you love this particular piece (length of explanation is up to you)

When your artist is featured, it will be titled as your pick (using your name & link to your blog, if applicable) and will feature photos of the work you have chosen and anything you have written to me about this artist.

I look forward to sharing a love for art with all of you and learning about which artists and works inspire you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

eco-chic in ryann

Just discovered the eco-chic designer line, Ryann from my Daily Green.
The Spring '08 collection (above) is so fantastic and I just love the way the pieces are photographed.

Ryann was founded in the lower east side by designer Raina Blyer. Her vision is to seamlessly connect the artistic creativity of fashion and the importance of environmental preservation. All Ryann clothing is made of organic or recycled fabric. Organic and recycled fabric means no poinsonous pesticide and chemical fertilizers were used in the growing of the cotton, soy, bamboo, or hemp.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

signature colors

Red and Green are your signature colors. You own them.
- generous declaration by my friend Adriana

I love, love, love these two colors & am constantly fighting the urge to wear them together (and not always winning) in fear of looking like a Christmas tree.
But, today I am declaring that red and green can (and should) be worn together without evoking the urge to breakout the eggnog & sing jingle bells.

Here's why it works:
1. The red/green combination is found in nature and mother nature is always right.
2. They look good together.
3. They look good together.
4. They look good together.
5. Per Adriana, I own the colors so what I say goes.

Looking good in red & green with a floral print mixed in.

by Moriza
Texting while riding bike in style in red & green.

G + R = True Love

splendid sartorialist

On the street.....About color, About line, NYC
The Sartorialist

Signature style & signature colors.
I don't love this photo because it is a new look/new idea. I love her because she sums up my everyday inspiration & feels so very me.
Circa 1998 to forever.
And, more red & green....the jacket is so very splendid.

This reminds me....
The UE - you still owe me those H&M navy widelegs. You didn't put them in one of those donation bags, did you?

so bazaar

Safari-chic inspiration from Harper's Bazaar - April.
(above) This shot is pretty amazing & so is the D&G frock.
Roar! Love the Versace jacket & shorts.

Great spring dress from Missoni paired with wild leopard Dior hat.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

green with envy

Oh, how I've searched for the perfect green shoe & here she is.
Wouldn't she be devine for the symphony on Thursday?
At $222, the funds will not allow for this splurge, so I must admire from afar (sigh).

Pura Lopez, Zappos

flats? yes, please.

Life has become much more comfortable after embracing my 5'3" (actually 5' 2.75", but who's counting) height and adorning my feet with flats.
A whole new world has opened up in front of me!
My feet don't hurt at the end of the day & I don't dread walking long distances. Although, I am very skilled at wearing heels and still need them to feel older than a 12 year old, flats are a great alternative & they make my feet so happy.
Plus, it gives me a new item to shop for - just what I need!

I am currently drooling over these fancy flats....
Elie Tahari Janine Driver in Mandarin
I love the color & the hardware & ties on the toes.
$199 at Zappos

Camper Twins Mary Jane Flats
Silhouettes + Birds + Shoes = Perfection
$159.95 at Nordstrom

Belle by Sigerson Morrison
A great yellow flat, which is a necessity for spring.
Love the shape and the cutouts all around.
$314 at Zappos

the snail and the cyclops

I really love the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr. For those who haven't discovered it yet, it is a DIY street fashion community where people post head-to-toe shots of their outfits & explain where each piece comes from.
It's really cool.

One of my favorite members is The Snail and the Cyclops.
Her sense of style is fabulous (so are her bangs) & she has a fantastic vintage wardrobe. She also takes her photos in interesting settings and explains details about each photo; including the kind of day she is having, information about the different pieces in her wardrobe, etc.
Here are a few of her shots...
Title: Countdown to Spring!

Title: Stacks

Title: Fleas Market
Simple for an early, early trip to the flea market.

Title: Work and coffee go hand in hand

Accordions and polka dot shoes.
Cobwebs and clutter.
Dirt roads and bare feet.
Springtime and lemonade.

Monday, March 24, 2008

oh happy day

(St. Martin in the Fields Church, photo by se9_london)
I acquired 2 tickets from work today to see the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields orchestra at The OC Performing Arts Center on Thursday night! I'm so excited!

In preparation, I've been reading up on The Academy, which is named after St. Martin in the Fields church in London where the orchestra gave their first concert in 1959.

Isn't it beautiful?
Not a religious person myself, but I do love old churches. So much history & beauty in the architecture.

(Inside view, photo by peppis)
The Academy is a conductorless ensemble and the most recorded chamber orchestra in the world. Unlike most major UK orchestras, the Academy receives no direct government subsidy and relies solely on donations for its continued success.
Now to figure out a most sophisticated ensemble.....

creating a creative space

In preparation for a little spring cleaning & home office re-do, I've been perusing the internet and catalogs in search of some inspiration.
Here's what I found so far...
I love the mix of modern and traditional with bursts of bright color in this photo. Very warm & inviting.
CB2 Spring Catalog
I'm lusting after the Surf Office Chair & Morocco Rug.
Was the girl with the umbrella really necessary for this shot?
The Strut Table is so fantastic & perfect for an artsy office.

Friday, March 21, 2008

the perfect reunion

We met while working in LA and bonded over intensely important lunchtime discussions about fashion, politics, and our disillusioned view of corporate America. Lunches soon turned into pilates classes after work, trips to posh salons for bang trims, & dashes to Melrose for thrift shopping & gossip. Even back then (6 years ago), she talked about having a baby & teaching her (it was always a her) the ways of the world through the eyes of The UE (of The Ugly Earring). And what a beautiful world that is & what a beautiful Bella she has become.

Now 1 1/2 years old, Bella was born after The UE & I parted ways. She to the Arizona desert and I withdrawing back behind The Orange Curtain (Orange County). I learned about The UE's new role as a mother through photos and long e-mails. E-mails in which she made motherhood sound so beautiful and lovely, as if everyday were a trip to the beach. Not that it was easy, but that it was worth it.

I was finally able to meet the little gem when The UE came into town last weekend with her lovely little family. I had visions of how perfect Bella would be, but she was even more perfect than perfect. Adorable, intelligent and sophisticated. A product of thoughtful, intelligent parents who take their role very seriously and have raised her so naturally. A wonderful morning spent catching up & listening to Bella's prose.

You wear motherhood well, The UE. Very well.

Addition: More on our reunion here.

the girl from ipanema

Carlos Miele, Spring 2008 rtw

Elegance done with ease & Brazilian influences.
Loving the detailed pleating, subtle colors mixed with metallics, and the one-shoulder swimsuit (to-die-for).

Carlos Miele, Spring 2008

image credit:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

more inspiration from the golden state

Found in the March issue of C Magazine (California Style)
Northern Light -
A free spirit explores the Mendocino Coast dressed in the elements of Spring's new look.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this layout. Of course, it was the glasses & the umbrella that initially caught my attention, but I also love the clothes, styling & the landscape of the shoot. Very natural & very California.

Thanks for the magazine Jeannie! I love it!

my favorite models

Introducing, my girls...

As soon as I get my camera out, they start posing.
My kitties were made for the runway.
Mes Amours!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

inspiration....california cool

Kaufman House, Palm Springs, CA
Richard Neutra, Architect, 1970
He was a chronicler of the good life, as lived by the upper classes and aristocracy in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Richard Neutra, Architect
The clarity of his work demanded that architectural photography had to be considered as an independent artform.

David Hockney
A Bigger Splash, 1967

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

momiji = friends forever

Cuteness overload!
Momiji Friendship Dolls from Uncommon Goods are the most adorable little things & great gifts for the cherished women in your life. Each doll has a name & fun characteristics, which I like to match to the person I am giving one to.

Pixie likes escapology and cups of tea.
Luckyness likes yoga, giraffes, and milkshakes (always strawberry).
Rainbows likes shopping, fashion, and long division.

There is also a place in the base of the doll to hide a secret message (love note).

my love affair with heidi merrick

My crush began online in the Summer of '06 & quickly progressed into a full-blown love affair after viewing her frocks in person later that year.
Heidi Merrick's dresses are amazing!

Exquisitely made in beautiful fabrics & textures with a vintage feel, great design, and careful attention to lovely little details. Each dress has is it's own personality and comes complete with a great name.

I make dresses for women. The kind of women who know that sometimes if you just brush your hair and put on some blush life can seem just a little bit better. The kind of dresses that when you put them on you know you can go anywhere and do anything. - Heidi Merrick

(above) The Plaid Morrison - Fall '06
(below) Aunt Judy - Spring '07
(below) Egan - Fall/Holiday '07

(below) Aunt Judy - Spring/Summer '08

I adore!

Monday, March 17, 2008

new blog on the block - belle maison

Belle Maison is a great new design blog by interior designer Julie Thigpen!
In addition to having a great French name (meaning Beautiful Home) & featuring her cats, Oliver & Jada (I'm always a sucker for cute kitties), Belle Maison offers fabulous design tips & beautiful inspirations for your home.

Julie has her B.A. in Interior Design from the Interior Designer's Institute in Newport Beach, CA and has been in the industry for over 6 years with experience in both residential and model home design.

The photos above & below were taken from a recent model home project that Julie did. So bold & overflowing with style. Don't you wish more model homes looked like this?

Style Inspirations + Valuable Design Resources = A Must Read!