Thursday, April 22, 2010

bag obsessed

A passion for reusable bags, you say?
Duh! How can you not be in love with these handy companions & the satisfaction you get when you say, "No, thank you!" to disposable & whip out a reusable at the check stand?!

Some of my faves...

#1 - Chico Bag!
PERFECT for all occasions: groceries, beauty supplies, pet store, shopping, etc.
A must-have in every color. Stash several in your bag, glove compartment, desk get the point. Shoe boxes slip right in, and they are sturdy enough for cans & cans of cat food. What more do you need?

Acme Organic Cotton Produce and Snack Bag
These bags are fantastic! Stash them in the trunk of your car with your reusable grocery bags & you won't ever need to use a plastic produce bag again. Also good for taking produce or snacks to a friend and including the bag as part of the gift.

Acme Hemp Plastics Blow Tote
Great all-purpose bag with an equally great message. Plus, it's made from hemp.

Freak-O-Bags Animals
Too adorable for words! Handmade in a small Fair Trade factory & no two are alike.

Go reusable!

1 comment:

Cara Keating said...

Thanks to you and my gift, I have several different colors. Chico Bags are my favorite!!! I love telling the clerk "thanks, but no thanks, I have my own bag"!!!