Wednesday, April 15, 2009

steals & deals...anthro statements

Anthropologie is one of those stores that never disappoints for me. They always offer new, exciting, and treasurable pieces. From clothing, to jewelry, to shoes, to goodies for the home, I rarely walk out empty handed. The quality of the offerings is on par along with the attention to detail and thoughtfulness, which is why this episode of Steals & Deals is dedicated to our beloved Anthro.

Not all items that line the rustic wood-paneled walls are worth the dough, but some can be justified because of that something special that the pieces contain. And, there's always the sale rack, which is my favorite corner of the store. Fall in love with something one day, go back a week later and you will find it on the goodie rack for half price.

My favorite way to snaz-up my wardrobe is to find new accessories to give my basics a fresh feel. Many fabulous jewels can be found residing on the open racks at Anthro & at a great value. $48 per item is my self-imposed limit and there are so many choices at this price point and under. I never even glance in the direction of the jewelry in the glass cases because there aren't any real diamonds in there, even though the prices may imply that there are.

Anthro is a great source for finding those key pieces for spring (preferably on the sale rack) without breaking the bank.

Just a few of my many current faves:

Dew Drop Earrings

Stormy Sea Necklace

Icicle's Melt Dress

Slumbering Villages Jacket

Tippy Tap Heels

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alissa said...

i love that store! such fabulous things - love those red shoes!