Sunday, February 13, 2011

wall inspiration

As much as I am obsessed with wallpaper & really want to use it in our house, there are two obstacles standing in my way. Number one, I have serious commitment issues & number two, the price does not align with my budget.
Luckily, there are so many wallpaper alternatives out there to consider.

Option #1 - Temporary Wallpaper
Takes care of the commitment issue & is more budget friendly. I love Silver Gio from Tempaper and the Sherwin Williams' Easychange line is great. It takes a little searching to find the treasures, but they're there.

Option #2 - Sharpie Stenciled Wallpaper
So cool! Checkout this HGTV how-to.

Option #3 - Contact Paper
Such a great way to add excitement to a wall without the permanence of wallpaper & at a very low cost. Checkout this fantastic chevron wall tutorial via Sabbe.

Option #4 - Stencils
There are so many fantastic stencil options out there. Royal Design Studio has some really great modern patterns and all under $50. I recently picked up the Chainlink Allover stencil with our powder room in mind.

Option #5 - Tape
I never would have thought of using tape to make your own wallpaper, until I saw this tutorial over on Pearl Street Interiors. Brilliant! Happy Tape is just the place to find Japanese Washi Paper Tape in lots of colors for this project. I recently picked up a few rolls of black at $4.50 a roll to try in our entryway.

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