Wednesday, January 23, 2008

tae bo nemesis

Dear Nemesis,
Why must you torture me so? I go to tae bo to simply workout so I can continue to eat chocolate and not get fat. I'm not the girl in the front exaggerating every move & providing an annoying soundtrack for the class with occasional yelps & woo's. I arrive early so I can get a spot in the back row & quietly sweat the hour away & go home. That is until you showed up. Now I am on edge every week just waiting to see if you will walk through the door. If you do, you will insist on standing two inches away from me even when the rest of the back row is wide open. Have you no mercy? I try to avoid you by changing my spot, but you still find me. My Wednesdays were so much easier before you appeared & ruined my life. If my roundhouse kicks two inches from your side don't dissuade you (my legs are too short to reach your head), I don't know what will. I even nudged you with my shoulder while putting away my mat one time (because you were standing on top of me), but you still came back. Why don't you forget your New Year's resolution & go back to sitting on your couch & stuffing your face with cheetos? I hear it does wonders for your figure.

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theuglyearring said...


OMG! i actually can't believe you of all earth loving sweet voiced people would have a nemesis...and she sounds so delightfully wonderful!

i've never seen this side of you!