Thursday, April 10, 2008

urban inspiration

After witnessing far too many Hollywood hipsters sporting Urban Outfitters from head to toe, I've been "so over" UO for several years. However, I do make exceptions for a few purchases here & there; a cotton scarf, lip venom, a gold initial necklace, and tanks/tees.

Much to my surprise, the Urban Outfitters catalog arrived in my mailbox yesterday & after casually flipping through, I found myself inspired.

First, because it is starting to look very much like the Anthropologie catalog (especially the shots of the home decor).
And more importantly, the photos were beautiful. I love all of the gauzy tanks, dresses, high-waisted shorts, one-piece suits, and sun hats that they are offering for spring/summer.

Tres fabu!


geri hirsch said...

this shots are fab. i feel inspired!

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

great photos and cute clothes!