Tuesday, June 3, 2008

photographer love

I came across photographer Cooper Carras while searching for wedding/event posts for my Lulu and the Bee blog. Although he is a wedding photographer, I had to share some of his photographs on here because they are so great!
His artistic style is very different than your standard wedding photographer & he also does fashion shoots.

I especially enjoy these...

Isn't this a fantastic engagement shoot? I love it!

This couple was my favorite. Their wedding photos were so fabulous & unique. She wore vintage & the event was highly stylized by the couple.

Various fashion shots....

Cooper Carras Photography


Anonymous said...

In that 2nd couple's set of photos, it looks like they used the tilt shift effect for the city shot!

Dianna said...

yes, i was thinking that also ambika! thanks to you, now i know what the tilt shift effect is. it's so cool!