Wednesday, July 9, 2008

great green guide

Thanks to my pops, I recently found out about The Big Green Purse!
Written by Diane MacEachern, The Big Green Purse is a book and a website, created based on the fact that women contribute 85 cents of every dollar spent in the marketplace. Our consumer power is huge! And, because big business responds to consumer demand, we have the power to make the world a greener place by simply spending on eco-friendly products and expanding our awareness. More here. So, get out there & shop girls!

The website is an excellent guide for finding green products and resources. From clothing to appliances, they have it all! A few of my favorite finds...

Sublet Alison Dress from Greenloop
A fantastic resource for eco-friendly clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Embroidered Flower Pillow from Real Goods
This site offers products to support a green home and life.

Ceago Sauvingnon Blanc Presentation from Organic Bouquet
A great site for organic flowers, gift baskets, and gourmet foods.

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Julie @ Belle Maison said...

wow - what an amzing statistic! i can't wait to check out this website and I love the great items you've found. i have a hard time finding great "green" sites that actually have cool stuff. thanks for sharing D!