Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hair did

photo by incurlers

I spent most of the daylight hours today at the salon. At least that's what it felt like by the time I got out of there. I even ate lunch early because I knew it would almost be dinner time by the time I was done.
Although it feels eternal, I do enjoy the pampering & it's the only time I allow myself to read the trashy mags and catch-up on the celebrity gossip.

Which brings me to this question....WTF is up with the Spears family? Seriously?! After years of trashy bad behavior by Brit, her prego-teeny-bopper-sis is following in her footsteps. Take your brood back to the trailer park, Lynn. Seriously!

M-Kate and Ash - I usually adore your fashion choices, even when everyone criticizes. But, this? I can admire the gold lame (even grow to love it), but what's up with the peek-a-boo black number? And, don't you own at least one hair brush that you can share between the two of you? You look like the walking dead.

....the aftermath of a trip to the salon.


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

ha! the woman who has been doing my hair for ages is so flipping slow. it is nice to catch up on those trashy mags though :) how's the new 'do?

please sir said...

Oh the salon - I feel like I can be in there for days too! But a girl has gots to look good!

Anonymous said...

and when do we get to see the new do?