Monday, February 18, 2008

feminine AND powerful?

Visit to Dnipropetrovs'k - 1/14/08

In Niapol, Italy - 9/19/07Working visit to Odessa oblast - 2/7/08
I love this photo, feminine style amongst a sea of men in serious business suits.

Press conference - 2/2/08

Government meeting, 2/13/08

Remember my post about Hillary Clinton's fashion choices, titled must we pretend to be men? I know you do, my faithful readers.
Not to harp on the subject, but I couldn't help but to be inspired by Yulia Tymoshenko, the Prime Minister of Ukraine. She is the quintisential example of a woman in power (named 3rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, 2005) who presents herself as both feminine and fashionable. From the Princess Leia braids to the designer shoes, Chanel pearls, puff sleeves, and flouncy dresses and skirts, she is making no attempt to hide her femininity behind men-inspired pant suits.

A lesson for H. Clinton or a sign that Ukraine is ahead of the U.S. when it comes to femininity and women of power?

Side note: Not without controversy, Tymoshenko has been criticized for her accumulation of wealth by way of the gas industry; some of which she has clearly spent on designer clothing.

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Annoymous said...

she is definitely very elegant

~HS said...

Having loads of fun reading your blog! I totally agree that a strong woman shouldn't look like a man. I think looking fashionable can actually distract the men enough so we can run this planet the way it should be, wearing pants or a skirt.

Dianna said...

amen ~hj!

Anonymous said...

She is wonderful! It is so great that her feminine style does not detract from her powerful presence. She commands every one of those photographs. I want to know how she presents herself when she speaks. I hope it is with the same authority.