Tuesday, February 19, 2008

lives inspired by color

Valeria "ValBlu" McColloch
Shoe Designer. Yves Klein blue.

Rebecca Turbow

Fashion Designer. Gray.

Karim Rashid
Industrial Designer. White half the time, pink half the time.

Elizabeth Sweetheart

Fabric Designer. Kelly green.

Stephin Merritt

Singer-Songwriter. Brown.

Written by Joanna Goddard (A Cup of Jo), this article in New York Magazine, titled One Is the Lovliest Color, may be one of the coolest articles I have ever read. The talented New York designers/musician interviewed in the article and pictured above base their entire wardrobes around 1 (or 2) colors. That's it. They wear their chosen color always, no other colors. It's an amazing concept to be so inspired by (or compulsive about) color that you pick your favorite and wear it all the time. Stephen Merritt even skipped out on a couple of weddings because he would have been required to wear a black tuxedo. Talk about commitment. You really must read the article, it's fabulous!

I would totally be the blue girl, or red, or green...I don't know, I love them all.

A monochrome life. What do you think?

image credits: nymag

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Anonymous said...

couldn't do it...i'm currently a pin wheel of psychedelia!