Tuesday, February 5, 2008

i voted

I arrived at my local polling place bright and early at 7am this morning to cast my vote. I recently changed my party affiliation from Green to Democrat (eegad), so I could vote in the Democratic primaries this time around. When I went to check-in, the registry showed that I was registered as an absentee voter (not on purpose), but I hadn't received my absentee ballot in the mail (probably because I changed parties recently). So, I had to vote provisionally. I hope this still means my vote is counted in the early stages & not delayed.

The whole process of participating in elections & going to the polls to vote is so exciting to me; the anxious feeling in the air on election day, the wait in line with others from my neighborhood, standing in front of the machine to cast my ballot, and collecting an "I voted" sticker on the way out. It seems to mean something & makes me feel like my voice matters, even if that is a bit naive.

Happy voting!

image credit: jessjudge.com


Unknown said...

It's not naive at all! Voting is one of the many privileges of living in the great US of A. It's also a responsibility because our democracy works best when participation is high. Yay for voting!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya for voting - I am a citizen of another country entirely, but I respect you for taking the action to put your voice out and put a check in a box to stop this god damn tyranny that is taking place south of the border - EVERYONE VOTE - and NOT Republican!!!