Monday, February 11, 2008

love letters

Passages from the many love letters written between my great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandmother before their marriage in September, 1896

Conway, Arkansas
Saturday Morning, December 28, 1895

Darling Eugenia,

....You are to be in all life the dearest of all mortals to me and I shall trust you more. I could never trust anything to any other woman. To you I can trust all things. In your intellect and your judgment I have confidence. In your true heart I have all trust for I don't think it will ever falter. When adversity comes upon us I think I can turn to Eugenia, my wife, and find a heart still true. Need I ever fear that you will be afraid of the darkest time that ever comes into a mortals life? But I think if I could see you and hear you, you would say, "Need you?". All the people shall like us for your sake. Should we ever attain to distinction, it will be because you are brave and true. Without that I think I shall fail. With you ever cheerful, ever hopeful, I don't think I shall fail. I miss you now. All day I have been in my room and have devoted the day to writing this letter. I shall not be lonely any more when I have you. Life will all be bright then, for you will be my life. Into the future we look. Next September life shall begin aright. To avoid being lonely until then I shall fill the time with honest work. Then life and work will be light with you. More than I have ever told you, I love you now....


Conway, Arkansas
Sunday Night, February 28, 1896

My Darling Eugenia,

....Today while reading my Latin, I would stop and think of you. Then I would work harder. I remember that you said to me, "I do all for you. I work hard in my school for you." Dear, if I have power to do anything in the world, I'll do it for you. If all other incentives to work were gone, I would work earnestly for you, because I know you love me so much and that your heart would break if I were to fail. I know you love me and I know I love you.........Darling, I do not fear that we will fail. We may never reach great heights either in honor, social position, or wealth. But we will accomplish something for the world. We will build for us a home in which love shall rule. Into the schoolrooms where we go, we will carry an effort to make men and women, and teach them to live life in reality......I love you better than when the last time I signed myself


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