Tuesday, February 5, 2008

fur everywhere

In an attempt to post only on those designers who chose not to use fur in their Fall 2008 collections, today's lineup for NYFW has left me with few choices for picking non-fur favorites. There is an overwhelming use of fur in the shows. The collections of Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Chris Benz, Malo, and Peter Som are all plagued with fur collars, coats, vests, and trim. Disclaimer: I have not been able to varify that the fur pictured is real & not faux in some cases. But, I can verify that Carolina Herrera used mink & swakara and Oscar chose sable & fox to adorn his pieces, per style.com.
Is fur back in vogue? So sad.

image credit: PETA, fur is dead


Anonymous said...

Resurgence of fur in the fashion world is not only sad, but it is completely unnecessary. I don't know if it's because I've never been able to afford fur items, but I just don't understand the irreplacability of fur. Is real fur really that much better than foux fur? And if it is, who cares. Would people wear dog fur coats if dog fur served as the best fur? Probably not. Society's inability to expand its umbrella of animal love to other animals beside dogs and cats makes as much sense as a nation of working class folk worshiping and idolizing uneducated athletes or talentless pop icons who can do little more than put a ball in a hoop, or pose for a picture. Oh wait a second, it makes complete sense

Miss Voodoo said...

Wearing real fur is not something we need to do anymore - if it was for our survival, like poor tribes in freezing places - that would be normal. But wearing it just to flaunt it for fashion is gross. It is expensive, but have you seen the LOYALE faux furry organic cotton coat !? It is amazingly cute, and if it was more affordable I would sport the shit out of it all winter. :)