Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tokyo collection - my heart races

Thus far, the collections from Japan Fashion Week: Tokyo Collection, are overwhelmingly glorious!
Here are just a "few" photos from collections that struck my fancy for one reason or another. I didn't have the easiest time finding a lot of specific information on each collection/designer, so this is somewhat of a bare-bones outline, mostly relying on the images from the shows to tell the story.


Brand: Raphus Cucu, Designer: Eriko Isoya

def: phantom bird

Why I love: Bird's nest hair, snow white prettiness paired with a soft cream coat, black bow holding in layers of fabric, slick silver heels, and tied ankles.

Natural structure. Nice gauchos & the great oxfords complete the look.

Military chic. Patches and all, it's fantastic.

Halloween in Japan - wonderful.

Mikio Sakabe
Peek-a-boo, I see you! Love the color palette & combination of knits & leather.

I'm in love - my favorite so far for obvious reasons!

Motonari Ono
Gothic Lolita. Love the buckles & buttons.

So ethereal - literally floating on air (check out her feet).

Everlasting Sprout
Love the wide-leg pants & layers upon layers of knits.

Interesting patterns & colors in the knits. Cocoonish.

Model soldier. Innovative elegance.
A close 2nd as a favorite. The whole collection is really wonderful.

Love the draped fabrics & abundance of layers.

Japan Fashion = Coolness + Innovation

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