Thursday, March 6, 2008

feeling exposed

Clearly behind on this trend, I first noticed the use of exposed zippers on Michelle Obama's dress during the Iowa caucuses. I was shocked when she turned around on stage & the zipper on her shift was completely exposed for all to see. My first reaction was disgust as I questioned why she would be buying cheaply made clothing. Since then I have been enlightened to the exposed zipper trend & realize that Mrs. Obama knows more about fashion than I do.

According to Rachael Zoe, "Alber Elbaz pioneered the whole exposed zipper thing at Lanvin."
Other designers have followed suit.

I tried on this Marc by Marc Jacobs Shantung Waistcoat Vest today at Nordstrom. It is fabulous in the front with pretty buttons and a big blue bow, but I didn't realize until I was in the dressing room that I too was participating in the exposed zipper trend.

3.1 Phillip Lim Exposed Zipper Dress

I do agree that exposed zippers add an interesting design element & a bit of edge to a tailored piece. But, I'm still not sold. To me it looks somewhat sloppy & incomplete on anything other than a hoodie.
Any thoughts?

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Virginia said...

I'll need some time to get used to exposed zippers. Yesterday I passed on a darling little black dress on one of my favorite sites because of a big red zipper running down the back. Now I learn that's IN. Not ready yet . . .