Friday, March 21, 2008

the perfect reunion

We met while working in LA and bonded over intensely important lunchtime discussions about fashion, politics, and our disillusioned view of corporate America. Lunches soon turned into pilates classes after work, trips to posh salons for bang trims, & dashes to Melrose for thrift shopping & gossip. Even back then (6 years ago), she talked about having a baby & teaching her (it was always a her) the ways of the world through the eyes of The UE (of The Ugly Earring). And what a beautiful world that is & what a beautiful Bella she has become.

Now 1 1/2 years old, Bella was born after The UE & I parted ways. She to the Arizona desert and I withdrawing back behind The Orange Curtain (Orange County). I learned about The UE's new role as a mother through photos and long e-mails. E-mails in which she made motherhood sound so beautiful and lovely, as if everyday were a trip to the beach. Not that it was easy, but that it was worth it.

I was finally able to meet the little gem when The UE came into town last weekend with her lovely little family. I had visions of how perfect Bella would be, but she was even more perfect than perfect. Adorable, intelligent and sophisticated. A product of thoughtful, intelligent parents who take their role very seriously and have raised her so naturally. A wonderful morning spent catching up & listening to Bella's prose.

You wear motherhood well, The UE. Very well.

Addition: More on our reunion here.